Sunday, July 3, 2011

SMB St Teresa's Food and Fun Fair 2011~

We were back again to a very busy weekend..~ WE LOVE!

Last Saturday (2nd July 2011), our RENDANG AYAM made an appearance at SMB St Teresa's food and fun fair. It was a part of our friend, Ng Lee Sin's contribution to her class (5 Sc 3) donation to raise fund for the school.
Rendang Ayam by KAYU MANIS
Yumminess: CONFIRMED!
Served with the other students' contribution on Nasi Lemak sets, with a choice of either the Ayam Masak Merah or our Rendang, the food were to say to have sold out! Hoo-ray! :) We are so glad to have helped the team.
Ng Lee Sin had also contributed cupcakes by TEC which happened to be the favorite cupcakes of many~ (We had a few friends asking where the cupcakes are sold at the event. Lol~)

TEC's Cupcakes
Clockwise position, from 12 o'clock: Nano Rocher (everyone's ultimate favourite), Vanilla, Carrot-Walnut,
Red Velvet, *more vanilla* and Chocolate cuppies!
Until our next event~

Kayu Manis FBC

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