Sunday, July 3, 2011

We were at: Celcom S.O.X. Hoops 2011~

Sunday, 3rd July 2011 (Yesterday!), we prepared breakfast packages for Celcom's event at MBKS Indoor Stadium, somewhere in Kuching~
It was a busy morning, and we faced a bit of obstacles here and there, but yay~ we delivered :)
At 5.30am, Breakfast were packed and were ready to be delivered!
Preparation started at 4 am, that morning, with the hopes to ensure fresh and nutritious breakfast for the contenders of the basketball championship.
Menu of the package:
Scrambled eggs, Baked beans, Breakfast rolls and Sandwiches.
(Not in photo: honeydew)
Got RT-ed by a friend, Rahman Sallehin, who got our tweet RT-ed by XPAX!
Thanks guys!
The preparation was not that easy, but we had quite a lot of fun preparing the food.
We would like to express our gratitude to Tru Events Services, our friends and Celcom for giving us the chance to contribute to this gig.

All in all, we really hope we had given the best for 'em~ :)


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