Monday, June 20, 2011

Food tasting: Our Local Delicacies

20/6/2011 - our team went "Kampung-style"!

~Kayu Manis made a food-tasting event for the guests and staffs of EPR (Kuching) S/B~

...and we served them our finest of traditional Malay cuisines...

Irresistible, indeed!
Salted egg (Telur masin) and Kerabu
Bamboo-shoots in coconut milk gravy (Sayur lemak)
Stir-fried bean-sprouts (Sayur taugeh)
Ulams with Sambal belachan
Mango sambal (Sambal Assam)
Fried taufu with Chilli soy sauce (Tauhu goreng dgn Sambal  kicap)
 Sting-ray Assam pedas (Assam pedas ikan pari)
Fish Curry (Kari Ikan)
We also serve halal Indian food and local favourites~

For orders/requests to cater, please contact us at:

T1: 016-8621487 (Nadia) or
T2: 016-8644427 (Jalaludeen)
F: 082-646744

~food made of love and trust~

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