Thursday, June 16, 2011

We were around : Urban Roots Festival 2011 (Green Heights Mall)

Above: Hot stuff in traditional dayak attire (cawat) during the event
May 19th - 22nd, 2011 our team had joined the Urban Roots festival at Green Heights Mall, BDC, Kuching. We had lots of fun and made many friends during that period.

See how bright the day was~ fuh~
We have to admit it, the ever-changing weather those 4 days were quite challenging, where heat changed to rain, and rain turned to heat, but honestly saying the sales turn-out was quite amazing too :)

Above: Briyani, Cupcakes by TEC and Granny's Pickled Cucumber
We served chicken briyani, roti canai and some snacks on 19th and 20th of May (first to days), and Sarawak Laksa, fried noodles/kway teow, tendon soups and more snacks on the weekends (21st and 22nd of May). We were so proud to have introduced our delicacies!

Samosas and Popiahs :)
Nano Rocher, Red velvet and Carrot-Walnut cupcakes by The  Enchantress' Cauldron for Kayu Manis! :D

One of Kayu Manis's signature cupcakes by TEC - Banana-Cinnamon cupcakes
(other signature cupcakes were: Apple-cinnamon cupcakes and Caramel-Buttercream)
Friends of Kayu Manis (from left to right): Gwendalyn Veno (of Lovely Gwendolly), Effadylia Affendy and Zsa Zsa Anissa Zamahari (who was also apart of our team that day :) )
Nothing like a coconut drink under the hot sun!
And yes, we enjoyed our experience there~ 

Our flyer's up soon after the event, so please feel free to find us when you need/want to! :)

Kayu Manis

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