Sunday, April 1, 2012

In The News: Taking it up a notch (BizHive, 02/04/2012)

"Talking about the current popularity of the outlet, Sara Nadia ever humble noted that it all came down to network and marketing.“We are blessed with friends and family who had never failed to recommend us to their counterparts especially catering projects in the corporate and government offices.“Furthermore, we are also utilising the internetmedia such as socialnetworking sites (Facebook and Twitter) and our blog as well ( for any updates on our current offers and projects.”Networking can get the clients but according to her there were two more elements required, “We realised that having an organised system plays such an important role in any business. Amongst the important systems that we take serious precautions on are the documentation (quotations, invoices, delivery order, etc), the time frame and of course the other vital procedures – cleanliness, tidiness and presentation style.”“Last but not least, our clients play such important role to the business – they are the reason for our existence.In order to retain our customers to engage us for any of the services we offer, we always give our best to delight them with our tasty food and friendly services.“We find it really important to keep this up, yet now and again we would love to ensure our quality gets better and better every time. Here we would also like to thank our clients for their support.” said the young entrepreneur. be continued via url below...
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